SUCCESS – What does it mean?


So what does it mean? There is a wide spectrum of answers.

However, if you lay the founding definition of success as living life according to your values, then whatever you do, if you can do it without compromising your values, you have success whether you make a lot of money or not, whether you have a lot of position or possessions or not. If you can live according to your values, that’s the first level of success.

But people want to measure success. Many like to measure it with money, position, power, and possessions. However, if you measure your success based on people, it has a lasting significance because success really isn’t as much what you do as it is what others do as a result of what you do. In other words, if you can teach a person and impact them so their life is better, where they can make a bigger impact on their society, their culture, on their community, that is real success. What you personally do are your accomplishments, not your success; however, this is a great inspiration for others.

Success can be fleeting if you measure it the way most of the world does. You can create, develop, and earn your riches, fame, and fortune, but it can be gone tomorrow. One wealthy person, when asked how much is enough, answered just a little bit more. How satisfying is that? Just look at how many people have riches, fame, and fortune and commit suicide. It takes a lot more than riches, fame, and fortune to satisfy.

Positions, possessions, and power can disappear, but people don’t. When you invest in people, it can carry on into the next generation. So that’s why it’s very satisfying to have this concept of success. It helps you because you don’t have to worry about competing with other people. You only need to compete with the person in the mirror every day.