Increase Production, Communication and Relationships

  • 44 years of experience building people and teams in over 50 countries
  • Developed over 250,000 individuals who effectively contribute to a common vision
  • Trained small groups globally through different platforms, from keynote addresses to stadiums on over 7,000 stages
  • An International Best-Selling Author of the book “MAXIMIZING YOU

Dennis has a fantastic story of starting from driving a school bus to learning and developing the skills needed to build a team of over 250,000 people worldwide. He’s been sharing a unique presentation of timeless principles for 40+ years to diversified cultures in more than 50 countries with different economic groups and spiritual backgrounds.

Now, Dennis is committed to helping you maximize your life in all you do. Using his experience, he will help you to take your team to the next level physically, mentally & spiritually.

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Dennis Dowdell has developed tools for creating stronger leaders and better teams -making a measurable difference in employee engagement, productivity, and the bottom line- improving their company, while benefiting their family, their friends, and themselves. A former school bus driver who wanted more out of life- Dennis had a passion to make a difference in the lives of others.

Dennis builds people and people build a business. With a knack for pinpointing hidden potential, Dennis helps people to uncover their talents, cultivate their confidence, and better understand their choices and actions, so they become more effective in their positions, professionally and personally.

Dennis has developed unique people skills that work with every country, culture, and economic status, and
equips people with applicable principles that can be implemented immediately.

Dennis Dowdell has a streamline perspective that is not only consumable but relevant and memorable- with the capacity to change both life and business! Last year Dennis founded Maximize You Inc., a platform in which to share his journey and success with the world.


  • PURPOSE -The Reason You can do More and do it Better. Discovering Your Purpose Can Become the Guide for Your Life
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT -From Caterpillar to Butterfly, The Transformation – Apply Principles that Create Alignment and You Will Fulfill Your Purpose
  • MINDSET – Get Control of Your Thoughts for Optimum Outcomes. How to Create and Maintain a Mindset that Moves You Forward
  • PEOPLE SKILLS -The Introvert’s Guide to a Successful First Impression. Discovery Tools for Better Communication, Understanding and Identifying
  • LEADERSHIP -The Art of Herding Cats – Transform Followers into Leaders, and Leaders Who Inspire
  • BALANCE -Successfully Spin Multiple Plates Without Crashing – Learn How to Integrate all the Pieces of Your life with Outstanding Outcomes


“The principles Dennis shares helps make sense out of life through right thinking, people skills, and leadership concepts.” Joseph McClendon III,
Ultimate Performance Specialist

“These 45 principles can make a difference in a team of any size.”
Bobb Biehl, Executive Mentor

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