MAXIMIZING YOU by Dennis Dowdell

MAXIMIZING YOU by Dennis Dowdell

Have you ever felt that your life has been out of balance and ineffective?

Overwhelmed by choices, most of us struggle to move forward productively to achieve what we want from life without compromising our values.

But maybe success isn’t as complicated as we think.

Learn how to get out of and over your past and then move forward as you develop the buried potential that will make your life more balanced and effective, as well as create a legacy of significance.
Learn how to respond to contentious, critical people to make them respect you.
Communicate more effectively and leave a great impression with every conversation, stranger, and friend.
Recognize your value and how meaningful you are to those around you.

In Maximizing You, author Dennis Dowdell provides a list of “45 Principles for Success,” guiding concepts that are at once simple, profound, and extraordinarily helpful.

Drawing on the wisdom of mentors and his own experience as a successful multi-level marketing guru who built a team of over 250,000 members, Dowdell illuminates a path to success that will not only keep you grounded in your ethics and beliefs but also allow you to soar to new heights of personal and financial success.
Put these “45 Principles for Success” on your desk, and review one principle a day, every day. If you take Dowdell’s guidelines to heart and put them into practice, you’ll find in yourself the wisdom and strength to improve in many ways, every day.

These “45 Principles for Success” are your guidebook to living better today, as you create a more rewarding tomorrow.