If we want to maximize our lives and live life to our full potential it’s essential that we grasp ahold of a concept a principle that’s not very popular. I first heard this from Rick Warren author of the “Purpose Driven Life”. In the 1st chapter, on the 1st page in the 1st paragraph and the 1st line,  Rick begins his best selling book with ‘It’s not about you.” I know this is a pretty counter-cultural statement but when you see how it plays out you see that reality proves it to be true.

Zig Ziglar said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you can get everything you want.”  Of course, you have heard the saying, “If you want to be the leader of all you must be the servant of all. “I like to say “He who serves the many gets the money” This is why all our talent, knowledge, skills and abilities really aren’t for us to be puffed up and proud but they are for those we serve. They are to be used to serve others. What if you were the best singer in the world and had nobody to sing for? What if you’re the best mechanic in the world and your car’s running perfectly. Now what are you going to do? 

Your talent, knowledge, skills, and abilities simply help to determine where and how you can serve the best. Where you can make your best contribution to be effective and fulfilled.  So remember if you want to maximize you then develop all God created you to be so that you can maximize your service to others, hence maximizing yourself.

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