When developing people it is better to use “Could” in place of “Should” as it evokes a different response: Should evokes “Why?” Could evokes “How?” This simple principle goes a long way, in particular when you’re trying to encourage people to learn and grow. Using “should” in conversation or leadership creates an authoritarian, “You should...
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When we think of the most destructive weapons we generally think of huge bombs or nuclear bombs however the weapon that daily does more destruction than all the bombs is one we all possess. It is also the most difficult weapon to control hence leading to hurt, anger, cruelty, criticism and a host of other...
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Any time we are going to encounter people, whether it’s at a social event a party or even one on one we want to present ourselves to be interesting. We want to look nice, and we want to dress well, say the right things the right way, and be interesting in our conversations. As a...
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