As a former school bus driver with no business experience, who graduated from college with a 1.98 grade point average, I was able to develop a team of over 250,000 people worldwide with over 275 in the top 1% income bracket.
At age 30, I committed to change. After developing relationships with a few men who mentored me, principle by principle for over 40 years, I published my first book called “Maximizing You – Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”. I also formed my new company called Maximize You so I could help others around the world maximize their potential.
The beauty about these principles these men taught me, is they work with a multiplicity of economic, philosophical, and religious communities all over the world. Principles don’t care if you’re educated or uneducated, experienced or unexperienced, or anything about your background or culture. They work for everyone who applies them. I have helped people go from hopeless to hopeful, poverty to wealth, timidity to confidence, follower to leader, and from leader to leader of leaders.
The first thing I suggest to maximize your potential is to find mentors who model the life and character you want to have. Next learn the principles that will make a difference in your life

Learn principles about your purpose.
Purpose establishes your priorities. It determines where you spend your time money and energy. It determines what you read, where you go, and who you associate with.
The main thing here is to realize that life isn’t about you, but what you can do for others. All of your knowledge experience, talent, skills, and abilities are designed for you to help others. Interestingly this will result in a much greater satisfaction for you. Zig Ziglar says if you help enough people get what they want, you get everything that you want. I like to say, He who serves the many earns the money and a reputation.

Learn principles about your personal development.
First you develop the dream and then the dream develops you. Who’s the person you need to become in order to fulfill your purpose. This is going to require change and for things to change you have to change. You can’t change the past, but you can begin today and change your future.

Learn Principles about your mindset.
Your thoughts control your mind, but you control your thoughts. You control the things you see, read, hear and experience and these determine your thoughts. Your mind is like a computer. Make sure you install the software that’s going to fulfill your purpose.Learn principles about people’s skills.

Learn principles about people’s skills.

Be interested not interesting, and when you’re interested in people, they will find you to be very interesting. And remember knowing what someone believes or does isn’t nearly as valuable as knowing why they believe or do it.

Learn principles about leadership.
A leadership is simply knowing what to do next, why it’s important, and how to bring appropriate resources to solve the need at hand. When you think of it, there are only two problems: a knowing problem and a doing problem. And remember problems aren’t the problem, it’s the response to the problem that’s the problem

Learn principles about balance.
There are only seven areas of life to keep in balance: family, financial, personal, physical, professional, spiritual, and social. You can reach your business and financial goals at the expense of your family and spiritual goals and you could destroy your health while making your fortune, but have you reached your objective?
Don’t reach your goals and miss your objective.
You can learn about these principles and more by reading my book “Maximizing You

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