Personal Development
Thirty years ago I began collecting questions. After I had made my fortune and had the opportunity to spend time with wealthy people I noticed no matter how much they had accomplished or how wealthy they were, it seemed they always asked a lot of questions. Questions say I am interested, I care, gives a...
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From my good friend Brad Harris who continues to inspire me. EXCUSES- protect you, but they extract a heavy cost. You can’t live a full life while you wear them. You can take away someone’s house. You can take their food, their money. You can take their clothes, their freedom, even their children. But you...
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We have come again to that most celebrated holiday of the year and what a wonderful time it is. There are many days through out the year that are set apart to remember the great men and women of history who impacted our world. However the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ surpasses them...
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Any time we are going to encounter people, whether it’s at a social event a party or even one on one we want to present ourselves to be interesting. We want to look nice, and we want to dress well, say the right things the right way, and be interesting in our conversations. As a...
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If we want to maximize our lives and live life to our full potential it’s essential that we grasp ahold of a concept a principle that’s not very popular. I first heard this from Rick Warren author of the “Purpose Driven Life”. In the 1st chapter, on the 1st page in the 1st paragraph and...
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