I love this quote from Dr. Joseph McClendon III
“If you believe that other people are judging you, or that they somehow have some malice against you, then you will treat them differently and you will behave accordingly. They may not think or feel that way at all, but if you believe they do then you will behave in a way that they indeed alienate you from them.
On the other hand, if you truly believe that someone loves you and respects you, then you will feel differently. You will feel loved and supported, and you will be more apt to do things that are positive and enthusiastic in terms of creating and accomplishing. If you feel that people like you, respect you, and even adore you, then you will have less anxiety about speaking up, asking for help, and leading others.”
Good or bad, don’t worry about what other people think; it’s none of your business.
The question is, what do YOU think?
Learn to love yourself and know that as God’s creation, you are absolutely incredible! God loves you because he created you by design with purpose and he doesn’t make mistakes. If God loves you, and you love you, then others don’t really matter. Live out your purpose with your unique design and you will stand out and attract the attention of many others.